Buffi Jacobs works as a cellist and featured performer in symphonic, rock, jazz and other contemporary mediums.  She currently performs on an NS Design custom five string electric cello, a vintage unmarked turn of the century acoustic cello (Nicholas), and an acoustic electric Wayne Burak cello. Her current pedal board contains a POG, a DD7 delay pedal, and a holy grail reverb pedal.  She also uses live looping programs in Ableton Live with the aid of the Keith McMillen Softstep footswitch controller. She has often been called upon to show up and “make up her own part” in live performance and in the studio, which led to the development of her composition and arranging skills.




Buffi Jacobs writes original compositions, cues for commercials, scores for short and feature-length films, and also does orchestral arranging for pop, rock, country, and gospel artists. She is fluent in Finale, Logic, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live. Contact for more information on pricing and availability.






As a music contractor, Buffi evaluates the needs of the client and the demands of the performance to ensure the appropriate musicians are selected. Contact for consultation, pricing and availability if you are interested in hiring musicians for your next recording session, video shoot, or special public or private event.










Hamilton Philip Tour



Currently touring with the Philip Tour of Hamilton (cellist).


The Hip Van Winkles


Buffi is a co-founder, co-owner, cellist, and contractor for The Hip Van Winkles.  This group puts a vintage spin on modern music with an analog authenticity that has been all but lost in the digital age.

The Polyphonic Spree

Since 2007 Buffi has been the cellist and background vocalist for the Dallas-based symphonic choral rock group. The Polyphonic Spree continues to perform on stages across the globe, in addition to countless radio, television, and film appearances.


A DFW instrumental cover band that performs “the hits” with a string trio or quartet plus a rhythm section or DJ.


Buffi is a co-founder of this cinematic classical/rock fusion ensemble that couples its compositions with visual elements such as video projection-mapping, lasers, and film.